In 2014 many great things happened in my life.

I had the chance to travel to Belgium many times for work, as my company, SoftAtHome, has some developers there, and once for the FOSDEM conference in February. About conferences I gave two Git related presentations, one in Berlin at the LinuxTag in May, and one in Chicago at the LinuxCon North America in August. Thanks to my company for sponsoring me to go these nice places.

I also gave a presentation at the Orange DevDay last October in Paris, and 3 Git training sessions in my company, including one in Belgium.

So there was quite a lot of public speaking.

Talking about that, I also started to sing Opera songs publicly and it went well, which means that there was some significant progress in this area too.

About my open source contributions, the "git interpret-trailers" command that I had started developing around October 2013, has been included in Git 2.2.0 that was released last November. That required a lot of work, and I also worked on "git replace" too, so I contributed 32 patches to Git in 2014. This means that I was among the top 10 Git contributors last year.

I also started contributing to go-ipfs which is a promising new project.

All this means that there were very significant progress in many areas of my life and I am very grateful for that.

The best thing though, that I kept for the end, was of course all the people I met and interacted with at home, at my workplace, and at many other places in France, in Belgium, in Berlin, in Chicago and over the Internet. Thank you for the great time! I wish you all the best for 2015!!!