On Sunday the 10th of February 2013, so nearly two weeks ago, a very nice young guy died at home from an heart attack. We had been working in the same team since August 2010 when I joined Murex, my current company.

In fact during my first few weeks at Murex, I worked mostly with him learning about a software he was responsible for. Mark knew an incredible amount of thing about the build, the production, the release and the version control systems and tools used in the company. He used to help me, everyone in our team and even in the company very often.

He was also very nice with everyone. When we asked him how he was going, he very often replied "Very, very well!" with his large usual smile. He had a very nice low voice with a charming lebanese accent.

After I came back from a 3 day trip in Lebanon for work in 2011, he asked me a lot of questions about how I liked everything there, what I had learned to say and things like that. I regretted that I hadn't had the time to learn a lot, because if I had, I could have discussed more with him. Everyone talking to him feeled warmly appreciated.

Mark was single, but his father and sister came from Lebanon. There was a short ceremony for him on Thursday, the 21st of February, yesterday morning, just before his body was repatriated. Many very sad colleagues and friends attended.

It is in those kind of moments that you regret a lot not having said to the person how much you liked or loved him or her before.