I wish you all a very happy new year 2013! I especially wish you great success in your personnal and professional life! And I wish you a great health too!

2012 has been another great year for me. I didn't travel as much as 2011, but I did some travel and I moved from an appartment in Asnières to a house in Colombes.

I especially read an amazing book from Bonnie Ware, I started singing and I had great holydays. I enjoyed very much the LinuxCon Europe where I met some wonderful people. In 2011 at LinuxCon North America I also met wonderful people, so I definitely hope to attend another LinuxCon this year.

I also met great people at other places. And unfortunately there are many people I know that I would have like to meet but couldn't.

I wish you again the best for 2013, especially Peace and Love to all!