This is another post made from Bronnie Ware's wonderful book "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying - A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing". The following is my prefered part of the book.

"It's been a good life," he said quietly from the silence as he woke. "It's been a good life." He drifted off again as I watched lovingly. My heart was aching and a few tears started falling. I wondered why I couldn't have settled for an easier job with no emotional attachment. It was just too painful at times. Yet I knew that other jobs didn't come with the gifts I also received in knowing my clients.

Some experiences can be painful, but come with wonderful gifts.

"Mmm. A good life," he repeated, opening his weary eyes again and smiling at me. Seeing my tears, he squeezed my hand. "Don't you worry my girl, I'm ready." His voice was almost a whisper. "Promise me something."

I wanted to sob but I just smiled through my tears. It was one of those smiles that aren't really smiles, just a sign of someone trying to be brave but not succeeding. "Of course, Len."

"Don't worry about the little stuff. None of it matters. Only love matters. If you remember this, that love is always present; it will be a good life." His breathing was changing and it was getting harder for him to talk.

Very often the problem is not that there is not enough love, but that we don't value love as much as we should compared to other things.

"Thanks for everything Len," I managed through my tears. "I'm so glad we met." They seemed like such childish words in a way, as there was so much more I could have said and wanted to. But in the end, they conveyed my feelings in the simplest way. Leaning over and kissing his forehead, I saw that he was drifting off again.

I sat there allowing my tears to flow freely. Sometimes it takes just loosening the tap on tears to find there is a whole collection of them waiting to pour out. You don't even know what they are all for. I had loosened the tap and cried and cried. But Lenny continued to sleep through the next few hours. It was possible he would never wake again. When my tears were drained I sat quietly, looking at him with tenderness. Then of course in walked Roy.


Lenny reached for my hand with his eyes still closed. I stood up and gave it to him. His breathing was rattling and irregular. I could smell what had now become too familiar to me, but which is impossible to describe. It was the smell of death.

Then opening his eyes, Lenny looked straight at me and smiled. But it wasn't my mate Lenny who I had come to know. It was Lenny and the full glory of his soul. There was no illness in his smile. It was one of a soul now free of ego and personality.

It was pure love, completely free of everything else, radiant, glowing, and joyous.

I smiled back with honesty as my heart burst open. Both of us smiled joyfully, knowing it is all just love in the end. I'd never known such absolutely unhibited smiling, given or received. There was nothing in the way. It was just pure joy. As we both smiled into each other beaming, time was frozen.

After a while, Lenny closed his eyes and a peaceful smile remained on his lips. My own smile remained, as my heart was just too open to stop smiling.

A couple of minutes later, Lenny passed on.

Watching from the other side of the bed, Roy's life was transformed. Closing his Bible, he said quietly that he now understood what God's love looked like and felt he had experienced a miracle seeing Lenny's peace before passing. I agreed that God works in mysterious ways.


"We've been blessed Roy. That's all we need to know," I said to him gently. He grabbed me and hugged me tightly, like a frightened child, not wanting to be alone with it. "You are going to be alright Roy."

"How do I explain this to anyone?" he pleaded with me.

"Perhaps you don't," I smiled. "Or perhaps you do. Either way, the same force that just gave us that miracle, will be there for you again to help you say the right words if you need to share them."

Shaking his head but with a smile of joy he said, "My life will never be the same". I smiled lovingly at him and we hugged again.


Yes, the job had had its ups and downs. But no amount of planning or qualifications could have ever given me the gifts that this role had bestowed upon me time after time.

Yeah, we should value much more than we currently do, the roles that can bestow such gifts upon us.

Still euphoric from the gift of love I had been given, tears of joy and gratitude fell as I walked with a huge smile.

Yes. It is a good life Lenny. It is a good life indeed.