Here is yet another speech I gave at my Toastmaster club on the 27th of June. It is inspired by the following articles:

The title of this speech is "Sex and Power", but, no, I am not going to talk about Dominique Strauss Kahn. I am not going to talk either about how women can rise to a higher position in the corporate or political hierarchy, because there has already been 3 speeches about this subject since I started in this toastmaster club 1 year and a half ago.

I will try to give another view on the subject. It's a different view but hopefully one that is not polarized.

First I will talk about anthropology, because it is a science that is very relevant and has many interesting things to say on the subject. Then I will give statistics about the current situation and some current trends in our society. And eventually I will discuss what our future might be like based on previous information from anthropology and statistics.

Around 100 years ago anthropologists started to study some human societies where women hold more power than men. These societies are called matriarchies. And an interesting thing they found is, as anthropologist wrote:

"As a rule, [...] a high position of women is associated with sex laxity."

This means that free love is often the norm in matriarchies.

And this can explain some myths, like the myth of European navigators discovering an island where women would great them with flower necklaces. If we suppose that they arrived on an island where women ruled, then it would have been natural that the women met them because they were the most important people. And if free love was the rule, then you can understand why these navigators, who had been for a very long time alone at sea, said that the island was a paradise.

An interesting historical fact around that myth is the revolt of the Bounty. The Bounty was a British ship that stayed for 5 month on an island and when it eventually left the island, many men revolted, returned to the island and burned their ship.

Another interesting thing is that in matriarchies, children are not usually risen by their father, but by their mom and uncles or by all the village.

Now let's talk about the situation of our current society. As you probably know in the US now women are awarded 55% of the university degrees and have more than 50% of the jobs. This means that more and more women are earning more than men.

One interesting statistic related to this is that the divorce rate in a marriage where the woman earns significantly more than the man is twice higher than when the man earns significantly more than the woman.

Another trend is that marriage rates have been dropping very fast among poor men during the last 30 years. If we consider men between 30 and 60 that are at the bottom 25% of the income scale, 86% of them where married 30 years ago, and now only 50% of them are married. So the marriage rate dropped by 36%. For the 25% of men at the top of the income scale, the rich men, this rate dropped by only 10%, from 96% to 86%.

If this rate continues to drop, this will mean than in less than 20 years from now, the majority of people will not be married any more.

So my opinion is that indeed we might be transitioning from a patriarchy to a matriarchy. And, if we believe the results from anthropology, this will mean that sex laxity will be the rule, and this will mean some changes that will probably be, or already are difficult.

There has already been some articles, like one called "All the single ladies" written by a 40 year old single woman, acknowledging that the structure of the family might need to change.

Because one of the changes will be that the traditional family will disappear.

To conclude if women are to become more powerful than men, then our society might become a matriarchy, which will probably mean a lot more changes than just different numbers on bank accounts and bosses with different first names.

It might mean a lot of important changes in the structure of families and relationships.

Dating might change too. For example, on the dating web site, men can only enter information about themselves, they cannot contact women. Only women can contact men by clicking on their picture, which is a new kind of way to put a flower necklace around a man's neck.