Git/Linux/Open Source Engineer

Christian COUDER
Address: 36, rue de l'Alma 92600 Asnieres, France
Phone: +33

Presentations and Publications

10/2010 at Google Test Automation Conference 2010, Hyderabad, India:Git bisect and testing, video, slides, abstract
10/2009 at Linux-Kongress 2009, Dresden, Germany:Fighting regressions with git bisect, article, slides and citation on an H-online article
02/2009 on automated bisecting with "git bisect run", article

Work Experience (15 years)

From 08/2010 to today(3 months), for Murex, Paris:
Senior Release Engineer
Developed tools to help developers merge, build and deploy software. Provided technical support to developers.
Java, C#, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Perforce, Git, Windows, Linux.
From 02/2009 to 07/2010 (1 year and a half), for MediaPlazza, Paris:
Senior Software Development Engineer
  • Managed and developed a critical SMS gateway connected to french mobile phone operators, sending and receiving millions of SMS per month.
  • Developed an iPhone application for Olympique Lyonnais (one of the best french soccer team).
Linux, iPhone, MacOS, C++, Objective C, Shell, Perl.
From 09/2008 to 12/2008 (3 months), for Jooce, Paris:
Software Development Engineer
Developed a C++ backend software to store and retrieve files on a distributed system.
From 09/2007 to 09/2008 (1 year), for Sagem Communications, Osny (Paris Area):
Linux Development Environment Expert
  • Managed development environment and software tools used to develop embedded applications on TV/ADSL set top boxes running Linux.
  • Migrated development environment to Kubuntu (Linux). Automated: development environment installation, network services installation, SDK generation. Provided technical support to 50 developers.
Linux, Shell, Perl, C, embedded systems, VMware, STLinux, Kubuntu.
From 05/2004 to 07/2007 (3 years), for Webraska, Maisons Laffitte (Paris Area):
Release, build, version control and software Engineer
  • Managed all Webraska's builds, releases and version control.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained a unique build system in Perl for both server side and mobile phone software. Mentored 6 QA people using it. This build system also automatically builds mobile phone applications each night for 6 different smart-phone OS.
  • Developed world class geospatial server software in C/C++ and it's installation scripts in Bash. The technology for this geospatial software and it's build and installation system has been bought by Yahoo and then put into production on Acceptance for the build and installation part generated no remarks.
  • Managed all the software on test and QA platforms consisting of 25+ Linux and 5+ Windows servers and build machines. Maintained CVS, Bugzilla, Apache, Samba and Nagios servers under Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Perl, Bash Shell, Python, C, C++, Java, CVS, Nagios, Bugzilla, Samba, Mysql, Oracle, Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows, Cygwin, MS Pocket PC, MS Smartphone, Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ, BlackBerry.
From 02/2004 to 04/2004 (3 month), for Expectra, Paris area:
Interim consultant at CS Systems
Developed Perl tools generating Cobol code to help migrate from hierarchical to relational databases.
Perl, Linux, Cobol, Oracle, DB2, IDMS, IDS2, MVS.
From 01/2000 to 12/2003 (4 years), for Alcove, Paris Area:
Consultant at Cetelem (2 years and a half): development and support manager for two critical intranet applications
  • Managed some development projects on Cetelem's billing and computer project management application (up to 3 people).
  • Installed, developed and maintained 18 instances of Cetelem's hot-line and support application, deployed for international subsidiaries, clients and suppliers.
Perl, Mysql, mod_perl, Apache, Clearcase, CVS, Solaris, XML.

Many short missions about free software (1 year and a half)
  • Designed and developed a directory application in PHP with OpenLDAP for Connex (2 month) and Paris 5 University (2 month).
  • Ported a C++ network probe management application from Windows to Solaris (2 month) for Ipanema Technologies.
  • Installed Linux servers and workstations with miscellaneous services (DNS, Proxy, mail servers, LDAP, Java, ...) for La Poste, Linbox and 3CIF (a few days each time).
  • Many other development, support, security and consulting missions (France Telecom, Neuf Telecom, Interscan, Respublica, ...).
PHP, C++, Linux, LDAP, PostgreSQL, Mysql, Apache, Bind, Qt, KDE, CVS, ...
From 03/1998 to 01/2000 (2 years), for Thales IS (formerly Syseca), Paris area:
Consultant at Thales (formerly Thomson-CSF) Communications
  • Developed software for radio spectrum control and communication intelligence and warfare in C++ and C.
  • Successfully worked on 4 different projects.
Visual C++, C, Windows NT, Unix, Clearcase, radio.
From 01/1996 to 03/1998 (2 years), for IoDP Paris:
Software engineer
Developed image and data processing medical software in C++.
C++, MacOS, CodeWarrior, Oracle.

Open Source Software Contributions

From 06/2006 to today (4 years):
  • Development (about 280 commits, rank 12 by number of commits) of Linus Torvalds' and Junio Hamano's Git Version Control System.
  • Main "git bisect" developer since march 2007. Developed many git bisect sub commands, and the git replace command.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes in many parts of Git: "git reset", "git config", "git rev-parse", "git help", etc.
  • Mentored students working on Git for "Google Summer of Code" 2008, 2009 and 2010.

During 2002 and 2003:
From 09/1999 to 09/2002, for KDevelop and Kate/KWrite:

Military service and internships

From 09/1994 to 08/1995 (1 year), for DGA/DRET and ONERA, Paris:
Military service as scientist
  • Followed contracts of DGA/DRET's optoelectronics division.
  • Developed a software for synthetic aperture optics in IDL.

From 03/1994 to 07/1994 (5 months), for Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan:
Internship as software developer
Developed a test application for spectrophotometers in C++.
From 09/1993 to 11/1993 (3 months), for ONERA, Paris area:
Internship as software developer
Developed a SCSI driver in C to access hard discs.


From 09/1991 to 08/1994 (3 year), Ecole Centrale Marseille (formerly Ecole Nationale Superieure de Physique de Marseille):
Engineer diploma
  • Optics, Electronics, Computer Science, Physics.
  • Had very good grades in all computer science related courses.
  • Computer science related courses included: C++, Fortran, assembly, algorithmics, signal processing, microprocessor architecture, digital electronics, boolean logic.

From 06/1988 to 08/1991 (3 year), Lycee Corneilles, Rouen:
C Baccalaureate and then preparation classes for Grandes Ecoles entrance exams.


French nationality.
Native tongue French, fluent in English, speak a little bit Japanese, understand a little bit German.